Refugee news today
Refugee news today

Germany's interior minister has said that the country offers better benefits to refugees compared to other EU member states. Cyprus has picked up two boats carrying more than 300 Syrian refugees and InfoMigrants takes a look at the integration of migrants in Greece's Tilos island.

The idyllic island of Tilos - a place to decompress: A year after the signing of a refugee deal between Europe and Turkey, nearly 60,000 migrants are still stuck in Greece. What is life like for them? InfoMigrants went to investigate. Click here to read more.

Ventotene asks migrant families to repopulate island: The Italian island of Ventotene has called for migrant families with children to live on the island in order to keep schools running, repopulate the area and to set an example of integration. Click here to read more.

Dream of Europe turns deadly at Bulgaria's border: The journey to Europe by a family of Iraqi refugees ended in tragedy after Bulgarian officials blocked their path. Trifa's story illustrates the human cost of closing borders. Dimitar Ganev reports. Click here to read more.

Refugee benefits in Germany are 'quite high,' Interior Minister de Maiziere says:  German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has called for EU-wide agreement on the amount of benefits that refugees receive, saying that Germany is paying much more than others in the bloc. Click here to read more.

Cyprus picks up boats carrying 300 Syrian refugees: Two men have been detained after two boats carrying 305 Syrian refugees arrived on the Mediterranean Island. The Turkish coast guard says it stopped 313 migrants this weekend trying to reach Balkan countries. Click here to read more.


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