The German chancellor has ruled out an upper limit on the number of refugees entering Germany. Berlin has restarted deporting asylum rejects to Afghanistan and a new UN report says many migrant children are being forced into rape and prostitution. Read more in today's roundup.

Angela Merkel rules out upper limit on refugees: Chancellor Angela Merkel has "guaranteed" she will oppose any limit on the number of migrants entering Germany. The chancellor's remarks just days before the German election put her at odds with her Bavarian ally. Click here to read more.

Deportations from Germany to Afghanistan: Mid-December 2016 saw the first collective deportation of 34 rejected Afghan asylum seekers from Germany to Kabul – the first of many. Germany halted the flights in late May 2017, but has now restarted them. Click here to read more.

Migrants: More than 75 percent of Europe-bound youth face exploitation: Many of the children migrants have been subjected to forced labor and prostitution. UN officials have called on the EU to create "protection corridors" for children migrants fleeing to Europe. Click here to read more.

Magdas, a hotel in Vienna staffed by refugees: In Vienna refugees are among the staff at Magdas Hotel, a social business aiming to help migrants find work and promote their integration into Austrian society. Click here to read more.


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