More migrants are attempting the perilous crossing into Europe via the Black Sea. In Brussels, the negative consequences of European refugee policies are on display, a reporter finds. And in Italy, a new migrant integration plan is launched. This and more in today's roundup.

Migrant routes: ‘The Black Sea is more dangerous than the Mediterranean’: A new migration route to Europe is seeing the day - the crossing via the Black Sea, north of Turkey. In less than a month, 500 migrants have been intercepted in Romanian waters in their desperate attempts to reach the European mainland. Human rights activists are trying to warn of the perils involved in the dangerous crossing. Click here to read more.

How a Syrian refugee uses his oud music to promote integration in Germany: For a Syrian refugee who escaped the scourge of war and came to Germany, music is a way to integrate into the community. Now Bassel Al Qatreeb is playing with several musical groups in the city of Leipzig. Click here to read more.

Brussels: Refugees wait for asylum in the heart of Europe: European refugee policy is directed out of Brussels – a city where the negative consequences of that policy are on display. DW's Daniel Bellut reports from the Belgian capital's Parc Maximilien. Click here to read more.

Rohingya in Pakistan living in 'abysmal' conditions: Pakistan's government and Islamic groups have criticized Myanmar for its "persecution" of the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine. But how is Pakistan treating its own Rohingyas who have been living in the country for decades? Click here to read more.

Italian government launches migrant integration plan: The Italian government has presented an integration plan for asylum seekers and those granted international protection with the aim of identifying migrant rights and duties to "ensure civilized coexistence." Italian language courses and ones on the Italian constitution, equal rights and the sharing of fundamental values will be provided to asylum seekers and those granted international protection in Italy.  Click here to read more.

Feeding Humanity bus to bring warm meals to refugees: A 'travelling kitchen' is crossing Europe to bring warm meals to refugees as part of Feeding Humanity and is currently on its way towards the refugee camps of Lesbos. Click here to read more.

Migrants save project to accompany children to school: In a small Italian town, a project to accompany children to school was at risk of being cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. Thanks to the willingess of migrants staying at the town's reception center, the project will instead be able to continue. Click here to read more.











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