The ruling party in Germany has proposed to put a limit on refugees coming into the country. The number of Tunisians arriving to Italian shores is increasing and a Gambian migrant tells of his flight through Libya. This and more in today's roundup.

Listicle: Germany's new ground rules for migration: The ruling Christian Democrats (CDU) and their sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) have agreed to put a limit on the number of refugees Germany would accept on humanitarian grounds each year. They also laid out further steps to regulate migration in a regulatory framework. What are the key points of the plan? Click here to read more.

Number of Tunisians reaching Italy is on the rise: The number of Tunisians who are leaving their country at night to reach Italy's coasts is rising. The mayors of Lampedusa and Pozzallo have expressed concern that these youths could include criminals and jihadists. Click here to read more.

Souleymane's journey: death and slavery in Libya: Souleymane Diallo says his journey to reach Italy from Guinea "is hard to tell because it is truly horrible, although it remains part of my life." His trip, which he described during a meeting in Rome, is a story of death, suffering, slavery and hope for a better future. Click here to read more.

'Refugee baggage' project, a suitcase to tell a story: A project called UNPACKED: Refugee Baggage by Syrian architect Mohamad Hafez and Iraqi refugee and novelist Ahmed Badr has the objective of "humanizing the word refugee." Ten suitcases have been used as part of the project to tell the story of their owners - refugees who have fled war, poverty and persecution and moved to the United States to build a better future. Click here to read more.


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