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Today's news

A Red Crescent orphanage in Libya takes care of the abandoned children of "Islamic State" fighters. A Syrian teenager's life and dreams are depicted in a new film and more and more Tunisian migrants are reaching Italian shores. All this and more in today's roundup.

Red Crescent orphanage in Sirte helps 'Islamic State' fighters abandoned children: In Misrata, a Red Crescent building that was once used for trainings has now been converted into an orphanage. This center, which provides humanitarian help, hosts orphaned children of “Islamic State” (IS) members who fought against Libyan forces in the neighboring city of Sirte. Click here to read more.

Love without Reason, a short film on the life and dreams of a Syrian teenager: 'Love Without Reason' is a short film on the life and dreams of Majid, a Syrian teenager who came to Italy with the help of Pope Francis. He lived through the war, the journey by boat, and a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Tunisian migrants up in Italy, 2,700 arrivals in 3 months: More than 2,700 undocumented Tunisian migrants arrived on Italian shores in the past three months of 2017. In the meantime, yet another Mediterranean tragedy at sea was registered with the first shipwreck on the Tunisian route. Click here to read more.

Stories of refugees to facilitate reunifications in Austria: The UNHCR has launched a campaign to facilitate family reunifications in Austria by telling the stories of refugees there and the difficulties they face. Click here to read more.


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