Daily roundup
Daily roundup

The acceptance rate for asylum seekers in Germany vastly differs between its states. A Milan court has sentenced a Somali national guilty of torturing migrants in Libya. Plus: The Austrian election campaign has capitalized on anti-migrant sentiment. This and more in today’s news roundup.

Acceptance rates for asylum seekers vary between German states: Iraqi asylum seekers in Germany would be wise to choose Bremen over Berlin, according to newly released government data. But the varying rates raise questions over how Germany processes asylum requests. Click here to read more. 

Milan court acknowledges torture in Libya detention camps: A court in Milan has sentenced a Somali national to life in prison on murder and torture charges, becoming the first Italian tribunal to recognize torture perpetrated in detention camps in Libya.  Click here to read more.

MSF opens post-acute migrant health clinic in Catania: Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has opened a post-acute phase healthcare clinic for migrants in Sicily who have been discharged from hospital and are recovering from illnesses. Click here to read more.

Austria's leading election candidates target Muslims to score points: Austria's elections are in the homestretch. The topics of immigration, Islamization and refugees are dominating the campaign like never before – it has become a race between the right and the far-right. Click here to read more.


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