Hiking together in Sweden
Hiking together in Sweden

A new Swedish project called Hej Fraemling! (Hello Stranger!) promotes the integration of migrants through sports and outdoor activities.

Hej Fraemling! (Hello Stranger!) is a humanitarian project created in Sweden to help the integration of refugees
through sport. The initiative, which was launched in 2013 and became an association two years later, ''offers activities to
promote health'' and to create ''integration and inclusion''. Activities are free and ''often involve sport, culture and the
outdoors,'' organizers said.

Celebrating diversity through sport
The association said on its website that its core values are inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ''We
dream of living in a society where everyone enjoys good physical and mental health'' and ''everyone is able to enter a
relationship - we are dreaming about unlimited integration''. Hej Fraemling promoters said that, ''everyone is welcome. We are
not interested in the athletic preparation, origin, shoe number, age, body shape or the number of captured Pokémon'' of participants. ''We like diversity''. 

Promoting integration across the country

 The association was founded in Jaemtland County and over the past two years has succeeded in organizing various activities
across Sweden. Events organized by volunteers have included sport projects, cultural evenings, trekking tours with Swedes,
foreigners and refugees from around the world. The association also organizes meetings in schools, companies
and other communities to explain its mission and raise the public opinion's awareness on the need to integrate refugees.
Thanks to its activity, Hej Framling was included among initiatives competing for the UNHCR's Nansen Refugee Award. 
''We choose to see the possibility of a life and precious relationships for all people. Our work is based on joy, the
community, open-mindedness, participation, respect, transparency and diversity''.


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