In this news summary, InfoMigrants takes a look at how refugees can join the workforce in Germany. An Afghan journalist speaks about her story of struggle in the series "Dear Germany" and Greek camps face the prospect of overcrowding yet again.

How refugees can join the German workforce: For many, arriving as a refugee in Germany is the end of a long journey and the beginning of a completely new life. But central to a new life is having a job. InfoMigrants looks at how refugees can join Germany's workforce. Read more.

Dear Germany: Journalism became my love story (Part 2): How do refugee journalists view their new lives in Germany? In the video series "Dear Germany" Shakila Ebrahimkhil talks about how she started afresh in a small city. Her kids have plans, but what about her? Read more.

Alarm over more overcrowding in Greek refugee camps: Greece continues to fight what appears to be a losing battle in its efforts to deal with sharply rising levels of overcrowding at refugee camps on the Eastern Aegean islands following significant arrivals this month. Read more. 

Food sovereignty to fight poverty-derived migration: The Italian NGO Mani Tese is trying to reduce migration due to poverty through projects fostering food sovereignty in migrants' countries of origin. Read more.

Masoud's list revisited — 'IS' victim turns terrorist hunter in Germany: German intelligence agencies use refugee tip-offs in the fight against the so-called "Islamic State." Masoud Aqil from Syria handed the police a list of IS supporters – but some doubt the value of such information. Read more.


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