Today's news
Today's news

Scholarships for refugees offer new hope in the countries of asylum. The UN has praised Germany's refugee policy and soccer promotes integration in Italy. Read all this and more in today's news roundup.

Scholarships to counter illegal immigration: Some European and international organizations offer scholarships to refugee students in developing countries. These scholarships can help to reduce illegal migration to Europe by giving young people the chance to continue their education in the countries of asylum. Click here to read more. 

Only 56 out of 14,000 minors in Italy relocated to EU: The international organization Save the Children says that 14,000 unaccompanied minors reached Italy by sea in 2017. Only 56 were relocated to other European Union countries. Click here to read more.

UN praises German refugee policy, urges improvements: While praising Germany's openness toward refugees, the UN refugee agency UNHCR has called on newly elected German lawmakers to further improve the situation and prospects for refugees. Click here to read more. 

Tre Fontane, soccer provides opportunity for migrants: The 'Tre Fontane' soccer team uses sport as a means of integration and chance to meet for asylum seekers and refugees in Anzio and Nettuno. Click here to read more.

Dear Germany: 'Peace and Security are not everything': How do refugee journalists view their new lives in Germany? In the video series "Dear Germany," Moses Ebokorait asks for better economic policies, so that refugees can build a career. Click here to read more.


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