Today's news: October 26, 2017
Today's news: October 26, 2017

Human rights watchdog says French police have continued to abuse migrants near the site of the former "Jungle" camp. Universities and refugee services plan to come together to better explain the difficulties migrants face and Jordan receives far less help than what it wanted to host Syrian refugees. This and more in the daily InfoMigrants news roundup.

Human Rights Watch: migrant abuse continues near former 'Jungle' camp: Hundreds of migrants are living in the forest and parks around Calais, France, trying to make their way to the United Kingdom. The human rights group says the local police have abused them, and the French authorities said abuse was "plausible." Click here to read more.

Universities and organizations to form network for refugees: Universities and organizations assisting migrants will meet next week in Italy to create an education network for migrants. Universities from around the world will take part in the conference. Click here to read more. 

Jordan receives 5.6 billion to help host Syrian refugees: Amman said the 5.6 billion dollars is only 40 percent of what it requested from a London conference. Syrian refugees make up 14.5 percent of Jordan's population. Click here to read more.  

Algeria forcibly expels 2,000 migrants to Niger and Mali: Amnesty International said Algerian authorities are discriminately cracking down on foreign nationals. Hundreds of migrants, many of them children, have been arrested and expelled in recent weeks. Click here to read more.

World Bank and UNHCR team up for refugee data center: The data center is expected to be ready by mid-2018 and will develop a "more sustainable response to forced displacement." Click here to read more.


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