October 30, 2017
October 30, 2017

Human Rights Watch has accused Algeria of rounding up and expelling migrants from sub-Sahara Africa. The EU will soon implement border fingerprint checks for all third-state nationals, and Italy and Tunisia are joining forces in a development project involving the Tunisian diaspora. This and more in today's roundup.

Algeria racially profiling and deporting sub-Saharan migrants: The latest report by Human Rights Watch has accused Algerian authorities of sending back migrants and refugees from sub-Saharan countries to Niger and Mali. More than 3,000 people have been deported since late August this year. Click here to read more.

UNICEF says 1,800 minors in hardship conditions in Greece: According to UNICEF, there are 1,800 underage migrants living in hardship conditions in Greece due to overcrowded conditions in reception centres on the country's islands. Click here to read more.

EU to implement border fingerprint checks similar to the United States: The EU will soon establish a database of fingerprints and other biometric data for visitors from the US and other countries outside the bloc. The move aims to improve security, but some see an attack on human rights. Click here to read more.

EU threatens visa restrictions for countries that don't accept rejected asylum-seekers: The European Union is upping the pressure on countries that don't take back rejected asylum-seekers by making it harder to obtain visas, a newspaper reported. The threat has already resulted in a deal with Bangladesh. Click here to read more.

Bill presented in Italy to change immigration laws: A campaign titled "Ero Straniero - L'umanità che fa bene" (I was a foreigner - Humanity that helps) gathered 85,000 signatures in six months to bring a citizens' initiative to the Italian Parliament in favor of changing the country’s immigration policy. Click here to read more.

Italy and IOM team up for Tunisia with ‘migration as resource': The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Italian embassy in Tunis and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) have launched a project for the development of disadvantaged regions in Tunisia. It aims to engage and involve the Tunisian community living in Italy. Click here to read more.

Pope, "migrants must be welcomed, they must respect laws": During a video conference, Pope Francis has called on all people to help migrants. Speaking to the migrants, he said to respect the laws of the receiving countries. Click here to read more.


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