"Libya is not a country. It's a mess where chaos reigns"

In this video, 16-year-old Modibo from Mali speaks about the torture he suffered in Libya. He was sold by human traffickers, he was beaten and burned with cigarettes, and many died along the way in the desert. His message: do not attempt to go through this ordeal.

16-year-old Modibo from Mali is a migrant who recently came to Paris. He speaks about the mistreatment he suffered in Libya and warns other migrants not to try to come to Europe.

After being sold by human traffickers, he was put in a "ghetto" along with other migrants where they received one or two meals in three days.

In Libya, he says, "you will be beaten day and night. You will be beaten until your family pays the money. I was burned by cigarettes, by tasers. They mistreated me, tortured me."


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