According to a new report on migration published by the Milan-based Ismu Foundation, the number of foreigners in Italy in 2017 has increased by 87,000 People, including 56,000 irregular migrants. The number of new citizens has also increased, the foundation said.

.The report highlighted a ''modest'' increase of the immigrant population that registered a 1.5% hike on 2016. In total, according to the foundation, 5.9 million foreigners are currently present in Italy, 8.2% of whom would have no right to reside in the country (491,000).

'New Italians' on the rise

 New citizens are on the rise, according to Ismu, with 202,000 citizenships granted in 2016. Four out of 10 new citizens were minors, Ismu said.The new immigrants and new citizens contributed to a 5% increase in people with an ''immigrant background'', the report said.''Italy ranks first in Europe for the number of citizenships granted'', explained Carlo Blangiardo, the head of statistics at the foundation. Italy is followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fewer arrivals from Syria, more from Sub-Saharan Africa

 The report said that, over the 2014-2017 period, the number of arrivals from Syria dropped: in 2014, Syrians represented one-fourth of new arrivals while there were no reported arrivals in 2016, according to Ismu. Sub-Saharan migrants were instead on the rise, in particular Nigerian nationals, up 17% today from 5% in 2014.In 2017 a total of 117,000 people landed on Italy's coasts compared to 181,000 in 2016.According to the trends analyzed by the foundation, considering the growing number of citizenships granted, a decreasing number of foreign residents will be reported in Italy over the next 20 years with a maximum of 5.3 million foreigners at the end of 2033.


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