December 6 2017
December 6 2017

A Libyan exchange student returns to his former host country of Serbia to seek asylum. An Italian Minister has warned that foreign fighters could be among migrants in Italy and a look at Selam Palace, a frequented reception area for refugees in Rome.

A Libyan exchange Student return to Serbia as a refugee: Amran Khalifa has seen both ex-Yugoslavia and his Homeland Libya sink into violence. He came to Belgrade in 1989 to study at University -- and returned in 2011 as a refugee. He told InfoMigrants why he wants to stay.   

Foreign fighters could among migrants, Minister warns: Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti has warned of the possible Infiltration by Islamist foreign fighters of migrant flows and stressed that European security also lies in the capacity of member states to integrate new arrivals 

Selam Palace, an historic squat for refugees in Rome: At first sight Selam Palace Looks like any one of the many office buildings in Rome. However, its real use is revealed by the dozens of satellite dishes, flower vases, pegged-out washing and people exiting the premises, suggesting that for many those rooms have become a home.

German pilots refuse to carry out deportations: Pilots across Germany are stopping deportations of rejected asylum seekers. At the same time, refugees are appealing their deportation orders in record numbers - and winning 


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