December 7, 2017
December 7, 2017

The UNHCR reports about sexual abuse of men and boys in Syria. Citizens and politicians on the Greek islands are protesting over the state's handling of the migrant crisis and a human rights institute in Germany sheds light on challenges faced by asylum seekers in the country. This and more in today's roundup.

UNHCR: Male rape and sexual torture rampant in Syria: The UNHCR, the UN's refugees agency, has released a report stating that rape, torture and sexual exploitation of men and boys may be far more common in the Syrian conflict than had previously been believed. 

Relief for refugees on Lesbos:Thousands of asylum seekers are languishing in migrant camps on the Greek islands after escaping war and violence in their home countries. Amid the misery, a women's home on the island of Lesbos hopes to give refugees psychological support and a rare few hours of peace and quiet.

Eastern Aegean islands protest in Athens over migrant crisis:The mayors and residents of Greece's Eastern Aegean islands Lesvos, Chios and Samos descended on Athens on Tuesday and staged a protest outside the Migration Ministry over the state's handling of the ongoing migrant crisis.

Institute for Human Rights (DIMR) publishes second report on Germany: The German Institute for Human Rights (DIMR) has published its second annual report on the human rights situation in Germany. Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers are facing challenges.

2,000 migrants stopped at Rome Tiburtina center April through October: About 2,000 migrants were stopped at the Baobab Experience humanitarian center for migrants at Rome's Tiburtina train station between April and October 2017. Associations working for migrant rights say that access to asylum and relocation procedures is difficult in the capital.


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