Spanish migrant detention centers are accused of having deplorable conditions. The UN Migration agency has called on Facebook to be a weapon against human trafficking and migrants on Lesbos transform discarded life jackets into accessories.

Spanish migrant detention centers 'worse than prisons': Migrants who arrive in Spain from Africa often face detention in a Center for the Internment of Foreigners (CIE), where their fundamental human rights are not always respected. Santiago Saez reports from Madrid. Read more here

UN Migration agency urges Fracebook to combat human traffickers: Smugglers are reportedly using social media to lure potential victims to Libya, where they face torture and slavery. The UN's migration agency has urged the likes of Facebook to monitor its content and protect migrants. Read more here. 

Migrants on Lesbos turn discarded life jackets into accessories: In a workshop on the Greek Island of Lesbos, a small group of migrants have found work transforming discarded life jackets into bags, pouches and wallets. They make a meager living selling these accessories created from a material that symbolizes the frightening, sometimes deadly, journey that they themselves took across the Mediterranean. Read more here.


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