Migrant detention Center Malaga II in Archidona, Andalusia
Credit: Spanish Interior Ministry)
Migrant detention Center Malaga II in Archidona, Andalusia Credit: Spanish Interior Ministry)

Incidents have been reported at the Malaga II migrants detention facility in Archidona, Andalusia, where 600 immigrants held there for the past three weeks have been protested against scarce food and expulsions. The facility has been hosting the migrants to confront the emergency caused by an increase in arrivals on Spain's coasts.

   Migrants have been protesting against the insufficient food and expulsions at the migrant detention center Malaga II in Archidona, Andalusia, which has been hosting almost 600 migrants over the last three weeks to deal with the emergency caused by an increase of landings on Spain's coasts. According to police sources quoted by local media, protests reported on Wednesday were isolated incidents and nobody was injured. However, a number of NGOs working with migrants have said that vandalism was reported after some immigrants, mainly Algerian nationals, were 'deported' back to their home country.

The expulsions began on Tuesday. Interior ministry sources were quoted by newspaper El Pais as confirming that nobody was injured and that no anti-riot police agents were deployed

577 migrants without papers detained since November

A reported 577 migrants without papers have been held at the migrant detention center since November 20. On Wednesday, about 40 Algerians were transferred aboard two buses to Valencia and then deported back to Algeria on a ferry, according to an association grouping activists and NGOs from the sector, the so-called City platform against the detention center in Archidona. ''We were informed that the consul of Algeria visited the detention center with lawyers to distribute documents, presumably expulsion orders, and that the migrants had to sign them although there were no translators present'', said a representative for the platform, Dani Machuca. ''It is shameful. We visit the detention center every day and the conditions of migrants are deplorable. They are cold and hungry due to the scarcity of food and families are divided and under the constant watch of anti-riot officers'', said another spokesman, Rubem Quirante, in statements to the media.

The decision to use the detention center Malaga II, which has not yet been inaugurated, to host migrants has sparked criticism, debate in Parliament and the condemnation of Spain's bishops over the last weeks. Criticism in particular came from Catholic charity Caritas and 22 human rights NGOS including the Asociacion Pro Derechos Humanos di Andalusia, the Federazione Sos Racismo, Medicos del Mundo o la Red Espaola de Inmigracion y Ayuda al refugiato that denounced the practice as ''illegal''. The platform against the detention facility is organizing a protest on Sunday at midday that will start in the main square of Archidona and will reach the center Malaga II.


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