December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

Jailed migrants protest over scarce food in a facility in southern Spain. A famous Palestinian-Syrian musician, Aeham Ahmad, has now established a home in Wiesbaden in Germany. And in "Fact check" we ask: can money guarantee a safe passage to Europe?

Fact check: can money guarantee a safe passage? Many people believe that if they spend a lot of money to migrate illegally to Europe, they are guaranteed a safe passage. But is this true?

Court upholds appeal for birth bonus to foreign mothers: An Italian court has extended a "birth credit" - an 800-euro bonus for new mothers - all foreign mothers legally residing in the country. The ruling annuls previous directives by Italian social security agency INPS, considering them "discriminatory."

Jailed Malaga migrants protest over scarce food, expulsions: Incidents have been reported at the Malaga II migrants detention facility in Archidona, Andalusia, where 600 immigrants held there for the past three weeks have been protested against scarce food and expulsions. The facility has been hosting the migrants to confront the emergency caused by an increase in arrivals on Spain's coasts.  

Artists After the Escape: Aeham Ahmad — When music saves a life: He became famous as the pianist who played in the rubble of war-torn Syria, but Aeham Ahmad is much more than that. He's now a popular musician and has established a home in Wiesbaden with his family.


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