December 18, 2017
December 18, 2017

The Austrian government is tightening its stance on migrants. Human Rights Watch has reported about the dangers facing female migrants on the Island of Lesbos and on the occasion of International Migrants Day, look at migration to Europe in numbers.

New Austrian government to tighten migrant stance: The right-wing government will introduce new measures that will greatly reduce benefits for migrants and refugees. Asylum seekers will receive less than half of what they currently receive from the government. 

HRW cites 'terrible risks' for women in Lesbos hotspots: Women and children asylum seekers in Lesbos are living in "horrendous conditions" and authorities are "failing to provide adequate protection", according to Human Rights Watch. The organization is calling for a change in policy on the Greek islands.

Migration to Europe, in numbers: What are the recent developments of migration movements to Europe? What are the refugees' main destinations, the main routes? InfoMigrants gives an overview of 2017.

Angry Greek asylum service workers answer critics: Workers say over 750 applications per week are handled, while Ministry defends them, saying they are dealing with "an unequal struggle." Greece's beleaguered asylum service workforce delivered a harsh message to critics who question the speed at which they are processing the number of applications from refugees and migrants stranded on the Eastern Aegean Islands.


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