December 19, 2017
December 19, 2017

Attempts to storm the border fence at Ceuta have increased by more than 30 percent in one year. Rights groups are alarmed by the situation of unaccompanied minors in the Italian border city of Ventimiglia, and Afghans returning home after being deported from Europe face numerous challenges of reintegration. This and more in today's roundup.

Ceuta border vulnerable, migrant assaults up 34 percent:The border at the Spanish enclave Ceuta in Morocco has become vulnerable to migrant attacks. Attempts to breach the border wall have increased by 34 percent in one year.

The agonizing return for Afghans deported from Europe (long format in 4 parts): Last year, Afghans constituted the second biggest group of migrants in Europe, following Syrians. In October 2016, the European Union and Afghanistan signed an agreement to facilitate the return of Afghan migrants whose asylum applications had been rejected. Since then, several European countries have either resumed, or accelerated, their deportations to the Asian nation whose government has agreed to accept such returns in exchange for financial aid.

Groups sound off on Ventimiglia's lack of minor reception: Associations for migrants' rights have sounded alarm over the situation of unaccompanied minor migrants in Ventimiglia, an Italian city on the border with France. Young men and women don't have a specific reception center for their needs and are exposed to abuse and violence.

Germany: Foreigners face barriers to vocational training: Young people without German citizenship are more likely to struggle to get vocational training spots than German counterparts, according to a new study. Their prospects are especially bleak in the country's east.

Tunisia's gravedigger of drowned migrants: Every year, the bodies of migrants who die trying to cross the Mediterranean wash ashore in Tunisia. DW met the man who holds funerals for the deceased, giving them the respect often lacking during their lifetime.

Refugees living in dire conditions on Lesbos: Thousands of people are trapped on the Greek island of Lesbos as they wait for their asylum applications to be processed. Conditions in both the official camp and the makeshift one outside are catastrophic.


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