Konitsa refugee camp in Greece
Konitsa refugee camp in Greece

In the last three years, thousands of migrants have have arrived in Greece, most of them on the way to other countries. The InfoMigrants team visited some of the refugee camps on the Greek mainland.

Greece refugees camp in Theben

The Theben camp is about 100km from the Greek capital, Athens. The refugee shelter was converted from a former textile and clothing factory. Accommodation is in two-room apartments with bathrooms and kitchens and equipped with solar energy to provide refugees with hot water.

- Greece- Theben kitchen in refugees camp

Like the rest of the camps, the Theben camp aims to provide basic daily necessities for refugees. The kitchens have the equipment they need to cook and enjoy their own food.

 Greece- Unaccompanied minors in Theben camp


A section of the Theben camp has been allocated to house unaccompanied minors. They receive special care under the supervision of social workers. This picture was taken from behind, because the media are not allowed to show the minors' faces.

Greece- Elioanis camp clothes store

The Eleonas Camp in Athens is one of the largest outside the islands. It can accommodate 2,000 refugees but currently houses only about 1,500. Many humanitarian organizations operate in the camp, helping refugees and providing some of what they need, such as clothing. Here, a container is used as a warehouse for clothing and shoes.

Greece Elioanis camp- class room

The administrators in the camp hope to teach residents Greek and English. The InfoMigrants team was surprised to find two teachers from Germany giving language courses for people wanting to learn the language or reunite with their familes in Germany.

Greece Elioanis camp- sunset

The beautiful sunset view in the Eleonas camp is enjoyed by some residents who can still remember sunsets in their home countries, they told InfoMigrants.

Greece- Kaval refugees camp

The Nea Kavala refugee camp was set up in 2015 and was part of a former military barracks. It now has about 300 refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. There are also Bidoon refugees from Kuwait. The Bidoons are stateless and are denied personal documents like birth certificates.

Grecce- Kavala class room in refugees camp

A wall in one of the classrooms for the children in the Nea Kavala refugee camp, part of which has been turned into a kindergarten and a small school.

Greece Kavala pray room in refugees camp

In addition to the classrooms and spaces for laundry and leisure activities, a hall is used as a mosque in the Nea Kavala camp. The hall accommodates more than 50 people.