Germany has fallen short of its integration goals and also is planning to build deporation centers in Morocco. InfoMigrants also portraits a Pakistani migrant who was held hostage by smugglers and tortured for money en route to Europe.

Report: Germany misses migrant and refugee integration goals: Germany's refugee and Migration agency will end the year well short of its own Integration Goals. Waiting times for Integration courses are up and participation rates are below target.

Germany plans to start deporting underage migrants to Morocco: Since opening its doors in 2015, no unaccompanied minors have been deported from Germany. That is soon set to Change, as Berlin has started building Centers in Morocco to house deported minors, according to a Report. 

'I came back from hell, many may not': Pakistani migrant Zeeshan Ali was tricked into attempting illegal migration to Europe. En route, he was held hostage by smugglers and tortured for money. Having survived the ordeal, Ali is gradually finding contentment in what he has back home.


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