Concern at the number of children and poor conditions in the migrant camps on the Greek islands. Thousands of undocumented migrants in Spain are no longer eligible for healthcare after a Spanish High Court ruling and in Germany, local authorities are calling for the government in Berlin and on businesses to help integrate migrants into the workforce.

MSF says thousands of children in overcrowded Lesbos migrant camp, UNHCR wants to move the most vulnerable: A Doctors Without Borders spokesman says around forty percent of migrants in the Moria camp on Lesbos are children. Meanwhile the UNHCR says it remains concerned about the conditions and is moving the most vulnerable to the mainland.

Spanish High Court denies healthcare to irregular migrants in Valencia: Spain's Constitutional Court has overturned a law which gave undocumented migrants access to healthcare. The move could affect thousands in regions across the country.

German local authorities need helping getting jobs for refugees: Regional governments say they are bearing the cost of integrating migrants into the workforce, and are calling for more help from Berlin.


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