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Today's news

Child migrants face challenges in Melilla. Migrants have complained about condition in Libyan prisons and is Bosnia a new safe place for refugees?

Children and migrants: doubly vulnerable at the Spanish South Border: Being a minor and a migrant is a tough combination, at least in Melilla (Spain) where scores of kids live in the streets waiting to flee Africa and start their European dream.

"Better to die than be in prison in Libya": A young migrant from Mali who was saved from the Mediterranean Sea in recent days told a dramatic story to his rescuers. "It would be better to drown than to be arrested by the Libyans," he said.

Bosnia - a safe haven for refugees?: Many refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Syria have reached Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most dream of a better future, but the country's economic situation is difficult. Zdravko Ljubas reports from Sarajevo.


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