ANSA archive, August 19, 2017
ANSA archive, August 19, 2017

The Italia 2018 report by the Institute for Political, Social and Economic studies (EURISPES) confirms that the country has a distorted view of migration at the national level. Only 28.9% of Italian citizens know that foreigners account for 8% of the total population while over half of those surveyed overestimated the presence of migrants: 35% believe that they account for 16% and 25.4% think the percentage is 24%.

 Only 31.2% correctly chose 3% as the percentage of Muslim immigrants. 

Mistaken view of migrant-linked issues 

EURISPES asked respondents to assess several issues highlighted by the media in recent times to get an idea of general opinions and compare them with the actual percentages. Thus, about one in every three Italians can correctly estimate what percentage migrants account for as part of the overall population while over half of those surveyed overestimate it. Some 15.4% estimated that the presence of Africans in Italy is at 1.7%, while 27.4% of citizens think that the main region of origin of citizens is North Africa, where only 12.9% of foreigners who arrive in Italy are from. 

Little knowledge about citizenship reform proposal

 Most Italians also have a skewed idea as concerns the issue of reform of Italian citizenship regulations, known as the 'Ius Soli Law'. Only 17.7% of Italians know that the requirement included in the measure is not only having been born in the country but also that the would-be citizen attended school here. A clear majority (56.9%) believe that the only requirement to attain citizenship would be that of having been born in the country if the proposal passes. In the picture a family stands out of a building that was occupied by migrants and refugees waiting for the residence permit. 

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