migrants at an Italian language lesson at the reception centre in Mineo, Catania.  Photo: ANSA
migrants at an Italian language lesson at the reception centre in Mineo, Catania. Photo: ANSA

An Italian course for foreigners is set to start at the end of February in Rome, with the aim of promoting entry into the job market through language lessons as well as a photography workshop and meetings with artisans in the city.

The second edition of an Italian language course for foreigners sponsored by the organization Energy for Human Rights will begin in Rome on February 20. The course is composed of 30 hours and offered to those who already have an A2-level of Italian and want to improve their language skills through training aimed at the job market and social integration. 

During the course, students will have the opportunity to learn about and practice job interview skills, as well as how to effectively respond to a job announcement and how to write a CV. 

Italian and photography 

The organization, in a statement, said course objectives include "the willingness to allow the participants' resources and abilities emerge, making them spendable, based on individual wishes and aspirations, within the Italian labor market, in an optic of empowerment". Along with the Italian language lessons, there will be a photography workshop in which participants will be taught some basic techniques that will subsequently put into practice through a photography project called "The Job I'd Like", a series of works and written texts that describe the professional aspirations of each participant. 

Meeting with the capital's artisans 

The organization said the free training "was also designed to create possible forms of interaction between participants and the local environment". "Since one of the course objectives is to facilitate insertion into the work world through creating a CV, it will also try to establish contacts with professionals and artisans in the San Lorenzo district" of Rome. The artisans will be able to explain their work to the course participants, who could choose that work as the subject of their photography project and in so doing, enhance their own abilities. At the end of the course, the photographs taken during the workshop will be displayed for Multiethnic Republic Day, an event open to the public organized by Energy for Human Rights, scheduled for June 2, 2018, to coincide with Italy's national Republic Day holiday. 

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