This picture shows Abo. Credit: Zuhair Abusrewil
This picture shows Abo. Credit: Zuhair Abusrewil

Abo watched his mother being killed by members of a gang known as 'Asma Boys' in Sabratha, Libya, his father Mammi said. Abo and his father, who are migrants from Sierra Leone, have been detained at the Gharyian Center for the past four months after they reported her death to the police.

The migrant from Sierra Leone says his wife was killed by a gang. Mammi said that the ''Asma Boys attacked me and my wife in Sabratha, to pay them 3,000 dinars''. He said gang members started shooting and ''my wife got scared and started running away''. He said he ran away with his son and hid nearby. ''After everyone left, I went close to my wife and I found her dead, I went to the police station, to report the attack, and the policemen took me to Gharyan'', Mammi said, adding he has been at the center for the past four months. 

Mammi also said: ''I called my late wife's family in Sierra Leone'' to tell them ''that their daughter got murdered as we got attacked for money in Libya.'' He said family members accused him of trying to sell her for money and of being responsible for the woman's death, threatening to kill him if he goes back to Sierra Leone. ''So I decided to stay in Libya,'' he said, adding that if he would rather ''kill myself slowly'' than go back to his country. 

Abo and his father. Photo credit: Zuhair Abusrewil
A supervisor at the Al Hamra Detention Centre said: ''We brought Mammi and his kid from Sabratha, during the clashes there. He lost his wife in Sabratha. We saved him and his kid, and we brought them to Gharyan , among many others who were wounded''.The supervisor said he does not think the man ''is ready to go back to his country'' because of the trauma he has suffered. He added that ''we have suggested that he goes outside the detention center'' but he ''refuses to go out''. ''We have another child who lost both parents in Sabratha, we don't know what will happen to them'', the supervisor added.