Albert and his team work on the soil and planting | Photo: Private
EMERGENCY's mobile clinic in southern Sicily tours locations offering health, social and psychological services to migrant workers | Photo: Emergency
Seasonal workers from Morocco arrive at the Perugia airport with a flight from Casablanca to work in the fields in Tuscany | Photo: Gianluigi Basilietti/ANSA
A still from the Sicilian Region's campaign Diritti negli Occhi, aimed at offering rights to migrant workers | Photo: Screenshot from Sicilian Region campaign video
There are no services in the camp at Campobello di Mazara so piles of rubbish accumulate, this photo from August 2022 | Photo: Simona Scovazzo
The intervention of the firefighters for the fire that broke out in the ghetto of Borgo Mezzanone, in the Foggia area, destroying a dozen shacks, October 1, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ UFFICIO STAMPA VIGILI DEL FUOCO
Italian police patrols during the operation against the gangmaster system in Caltanissetta, Sicily, on September 23, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/UFFICIO STAMPA POLIZIA
Credit: InfoMigrants
Notis Mitarachi speaking to InfoMigrants reporter Arif Ullah in Athens, August 23, 2022 | Photo: InfoMigrants
A view of the 'Gran Ghetto' of Rignano, in the province of Foggia in Puglia, which hosts nearly 1,000 foreigners, mostly farmworkers | Photo:  ARCHIVE/ANSA
From file: A demonstration organized by farmworkers in Rignano, in front of the prefecture of Foggia, in Puglia, on March 8, 2021 | Photo: Franco Cautillo / ANSA
Migrants working in a field of tomato plants in Calabria. Photo : ANSA/Quotidiano Del Sud