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Ammar Abdal was internally displaced in Iraq for three years before coming to Germany
The CinemaArena project. Credit: Italian Foreign Ministry
Image from website  redit: ANSA
One of the paintings under the porticos in Bologna. Credit: GVC
Emad Shuman | Credit: ANSA
Cover of "Sea Prayer", published by Penguin Randon House
Venezuelan migrant families are seen at a makeshift camp alongside the Cali river in northern Cali, Colombia, on July 31, 2018
"You have to keep working on yourself, you have to become active."
Photo credit: Co&So Cooperative Group
Syrian refugee Jassem, 28, performs a puppet show to young Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon.  © UNHCR/Dalal Mawad, producer/Houssam Hariri, camera-editor
"Bringing people together and making refugees feel they are welcomed and accepted can be a very important part of the integration process", says Fardous Bahbouh | Credit: Martin Twomey
Afghan internally displaced persons living in their temporary shelters in Herat, Afghanistan | Credit: EPA/JALIL REZAYE