art and culture

"People die for nothing and that's a painful fact", Ahmed says
"There are so many cultural differences between here and there", Kore says
As a cellist, Athil has played on German stages before fleeing the war
"As a painter, I have to find my way. It does not matter where."
Picture taken from project's website
The Good Chance Theatre built a temporary dome-shaped theatre in Paris in January 2018. (Photo: Julia Dumont/InfoMigrants)
A young boy reads from his manuscript
Asylum seekers painting during the Abecedario workshop | Credit: In Migrazione
An image of the 'Suspended' installation. Credit: Arabella Dorman
UNICEF picture of the year, 1st prize
December 15, 2017
The names of 'nameless' migrants in the Mediterranean as part of an installation. Credit: Museo Reina Sofia