art and culture

A film still from the documentary "Dove bisogna stare" | Credit: MSF
The Greek newspaper 'Migratory bird' | Photo: Marie-Christine Spies
A show at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. | Photo: ANSA/Claudio Giovannini
The cover of the book 'Superman was a refugee too' | CREDIT: UNHCR
At the center of the artwork: the watery grave of the Mediterranean, where thousands of migrants have drowned | Credit: DW/W. Dick
A moment of the show "Creta". Credit: Amed Waddah
The poster for 'Le Radeau' | Credit: ANSA
The Mare Jonio ship from the Mediterranea project in the Palermo port. Credit: ANSA/IGOR PETYX
Ammar Abdal was internally displaced in Iraq for three years before coming to Germany
The CinemaArena project. Credit: Italian Foreign Ministry
Image from website  redit: ANSA