asylum applications

Migrants at the 'Fenoglio' reception centre run by the Italian Red Cross in Settimo Torinese.PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco
Credit: Getty Images/AFP/T. Schwarz
Credit: imago/ZUMA Press/E. Contini
Creit: Reuters/ F. Bensch
German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with then-Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (Reuters/F.Bensch)
Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/U.Deck
BAMF Chief Jutta Cordt and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer
A person having an index finger scanned
Syrian refugee in court
Debates about asylum seekers and deportation have intensified in Germany
Migrant protest on Lampedusa Photo: Elio Desiderio
People who want to claim asylum in the Paris region will now need to go through a call centre to book an initial appointment. (Photo: InfoMigrants)