asylum law

migrants study train timetables in the northern Italian city of Ventimiglia
The expectations for migrants in this Berlin waiting room are higher than in other parts of Europe.
Chancellor Angela Merkel is under pressure to EU-wide solutions to the migration crisis
German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with then-Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (Reuters/F.Bensch)
Most of the work opportunities under the FIM program are based on community service
European Union flags near the seat of the European Commission in Brussels |  Photo/EPA/JULIEN WARNAND
Migrant camp at the border between Serbia and Hungary. Photo/Archive/EPA/ZOLTAN BALOGH
Refugees and migrants walking to a temporary camp at the Slovenian-Austrian border. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA CHRISTIAN BRUNA
Syrian migrants will be especially affected by the new law
This couple is applying for asylum in France (Credit: InfoMigrants)
Not everyone identifies with the religion they are born into, and some reject religion altogether
Refugees on the German-Austrian border