asylum proceedings

Lawyers say preparation is everything | Photo: Mehdi Chebil
Asylum in the UK is granted for five years, but this is still subject to review by the government.
A still-frame from a video by the Cosenza finance police shows a lorry carryign irregular migrants 'employed' by a gangmaster to work on farms on the Sibari plain stopped by police
Syrian refugees arrive in Rome - A new group of Syrian refugees arrive in Fiumicino airport in Rome from Syria Credit: ANSA/NEWS
Young refugees play in the FICG stadium in Coverciano (Florence) in the final match of a tournament organized with la Cattolica University, June 2017 | Credit:  ANSA/archive
Sudanese refugees onboard a ship in Porto Empedocle, Italy 
Photo of the Frontex Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland Foto/EPA
Asylum interview in Germany
November 2, 2017
EPA photo showing UNHCR staff members while they erect tents at a camp for refugees forced to flee their homes in Erbil, Iraq
A Syrian familiy in Lower Saxony