asylum seekers

Most asylum seekers in Cyprus are unemployed and have nowhere to live
Venezuelan migrant families are seen at a makeshift camp alongside the Cali river in northern Cali, Colombia, on July 31, 2018
Italian coast guard ship Diciotti with migrants onboard
Refugees take a rest as they arrive to Turkey along a route to the west, in Erzurum, Turkey, 23 April 2017 | Credit: EPA/ERDEM SAHIN
An asylum seeker from Somalia in front of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands | Credit: ARCHIVE/EPA/JERRY LAMPEN
Migrants on the Diciotti ship Credit: ANSA/Oritta Scardino
Migrants walk toward the Slovenian-Austrian border between Sentilj and Spielfield, in Sentilj, Slovenia. Credit: EPA/ Gyorgy Varga
Police in Köthen, Germany
An Afghan teenager who stabbied his ex-girlfriend stands in court with a jacket covering his head
Commissions for cases of hardship can perform one final assessment on your asylum case once all other legal options have been exhausted
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in July 2018
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani warned his people of the type of work they would find in Germany