Volunteer hikers, linked by a cord, climbed Échelle Pass on the French-Italian border in December 2017 to raise awareness about the dangers of this journey. (Photo: Rafaël Flichman/ La Cimade)
a boy and a girl sit down in the rebel enclave of east Ghouta
Fifty children were given honorary Italian citizenship in the ceremony | ANSA
Syrian refugee children in Jordan are living in desperate conditions | Credit: ANSA
An immigrant mother with her newborn daughter | Credit: Archive/EPA
Baby Mercy was born on Aquarius in March 2017. Credits: MSF Sea
Symbol Picture mother and child
A picture of the project. Credit: Programma Integra
Children at the orphanage in Sirte. Copyright: Maryline Dumas
Illustrated books for young readers in Lampedusa | Credit: ANSA