An archive picture showing rejected asylum seekers boarding an aircraft
Munich airport
Elin Ersson onboard a plane where she prevented the deportation of an Afghan on Monday, July 23
Two men from the group deported to Afghanistan on July 4, 2018, after arriving in Kabul
The change in the law would make it easier for Germany to turn back people from the Maghreb, which have been frequently accused of human-rights violations
Police escort an asylum seeker away
Thousands of migrants are expelled from Algeria and left on the border to walk or die under searing heat
Police officers accompany a failed asylum seeker to Leipzig-Halle airport
A deportation flight from Germany
The expulsion of migrants from Algeria towards Niger. Credit: Samia Mehdi/ANSA
The new Italian interior minister has a hard stance against incoming migrants.
Migrants at the Ponte Galeria Center for Identification and Expulsion in Rome | Credit: ANSA/A. Carconi