There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill as an asylum seeker
Police officer taking fingerpringts of a refugee in the Police immigration office in Svinesund, Norway | Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/H.Junge
Which requirements do you have to meet in order to have your qualifications recognized?
The logo of the 'Global Estimates on International Migrant Workers' study by ILO. Credit: ILO
The "Refugee Employment Info" guide answers dozens of questions and includes graphics and images for easy reading and understanding. Credit: Benjamin Loyseau for Action Emploi Réfugiés
Photo: Imago/Blickwinkel
Construction workers in Britain | Photo: Picture-alliance/AP/F.Augstein
The test determines whether a person has the expertise and practical skills for a particular trade or job
There are lots of opportunities to work in Germany if you are a refugee, migrant or asylum seeker.
Finding work can be difficult for refugees and asylum seekers in Germany
Migrant workers in Latina province, Italy | Photo: DW/N.Conrad
Workers in Germany