Photo: Picture-alliance/Arco Images
European Parliament in Brussels, Samira Hamidi, Amnesty International | Photo: DW/T.Schulz
Nora Azzaoui (l.) and Vera Günther (r.) want to change perceptions on refugees and migrants  | credit: Mimycri
European parliament president Antonio Tajani during his visit in Tripoli. From his Twitter account
InfoMigrants looks back at major events of the refugee crisis in Europe.
Sub-Saharan migrants residing in a Temporary Centre for Immigrants (CETI) waiting in Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in northern Africa, before departure towards the Spanish mainland for their relocation in reception centres.Photo/Archive/EPA/REDUAN
European Court of Justice in Luxembourg
The UNHCR has helped millions of refugees all over the world
Many migrant children in German schools are struggling
Migrants at a reception center near Florence, Italy | Credit: ANSA
refugee children in Europe
The migrant reception cener against which some shots were fired in PietraperziaANSA/WEB/Google Maps