family reunification

A family at a refugee camp in Germany | Credit: EPA/Tobias Hase
The dealine for application in June 30, 2018
Migrants and asylum seekers from Eritrea make up a large portion of jobseekers in some parts of Germany
Syrian migrants will be especially affected by the new law
People under subsidiary protection have had to wait for family reunifications to be allowed
To avoid future claims for family reunification, the German government wants to take in entire families in the EU resettlement program
A man holding a photo of family member who had fled Eastern Ghouta
Stuck in Germany without close relatives the refugees were said to be using traffickers to reach their families in Turkey
A refugee family in Dortmund, Germany
Critics say the proposed law would unfairly target the poorest refugees
The 2017 Toll Free Report / ANSA
The two-year suspension period has been extended until July 31, 2018