Migrants during an Italian-language lesson inside a tent managed by some volunteers at the so-called "Baobab Camp" near the Tiburtina station in Rome, February 19, 2018. ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI
Distressed persons being transferred from the 'USS San Antonio' (LPD 17) to the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) offshore patrol vessel P52, off the coast of Malta, Mediterranean Sea. (Credit: EPA/Navy Media Content Service/U.S. Navy)
A migrant carrying sheaves of wheat in Italy | Credit: EPA/Khaled Elfiqi
People are happy to wait in line to get a taste of 'Mezze' | Photo: Sertan Sanderson
Malakeh Jazmati | Photo: Elizabeth Grenier
The food bank in Essen
A German food pantry, or Tafel

This man stands in front of the migrant camp near Verrotières in Calais. (Credit: Mehdi Chebil)
The start-up Meet My Mama helps immigrant and refugee women living in France channel their culinary talents into real jobs. (Photo: Meet my Mama)
The measure was announced to be a temporary ban only
Until recently, it was NGOs that provided food in Calais. (Photo: Mehdi Chebil)
Jörg Sator, head of the Essen food bank, has come under criticism after allowing access to only German nationals