Distressed persons being transferred from the 'USS San Antonio' (LPD 17) to the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) offshore patrol vessel P52, off the coast of Malta, Mediterranean Sea. (Credit: EPA/Navy Media Content Service/U.S. Navy)
A migrant carrying sheaves of wheat in Italy | Credit: EPA/Khaled Elfiqi
People are happy to wait in line to get a taste of 'Mezze' | Photo: Sertan Sanderson
Malakeh Jazmati | Photo: Elizabeth Grenier
The food bank in Essen
A German food pantry, or Tafel

This man stands in front of the migrant camp near Verrotières in Calais. (Credit: Mehdi Chebil)
The start-up Meet My Mama helps immigrant and refugee women living in France channel their culinary talents into real jobs. (Photo: Meet my Mama)
The measure was announced to be a temporary ban only
Until recently, it was NGOs that provided food in Calais. (Photo: Mehdi Chebil)
Jörg Sator, head of the Essen food bank, has come under criticism after allowing access to only German nationals
German food bank, Essener Tafel | Credit: Deutsche Welle