human rights

A young migrant at a transit center for migrants who are being sent home from Algeria in Agadez, Niger. Credit: ANSA/UNICEF
Migrants at the Ponte Galeria Center for Identification and Expulsion in Rome | Credit: ANSA/A. Carconi
Child migrants in Ventimiglia, Italy
Migrants in Niger, one of the nations the EU has been partnering with to stem migration
Shahzad, Charles and Ruth Mukerjee were detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. (Photo provided by the Mukerjee family)
Syrian refugees camp in Port Said Square, Algiers, Algeria. Photo/Archive/EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA
The cover of the report Credit: The Italian Disarmament Network
MSF medics refer a patient from Bani Walid to a secondary health facility | Credit: Christophe Biteau/MSF
A fire inside the former penicillin factory in Rome. Credit: ALTER EGO-FABBRICA DEI DIRITTI
Men and women enjoy the same rights and have the same liberties
Migrant camp at the border between Serbia and Hungary. Photo/Archive/EPA/ZOLTAN BALOGH
Hungary completed its border fence in 2015