human trafficking

From file: Police find 71 dead migrants in a freezer truck in Austria (2015)
The photo shows a young Kurdish girl walking in the migrant camp in the so-called 'Jungle' in Calais, which was later dismantled. Photo/Archive/EPA
Credit immagine: IOM
Young Syrian refugees at the Fiumcino Airport in Rome Credit: ANSA/Telenews
A group of migrant women and children waiting to be transferred to a reception center | Photo: Archive/EPA
A migrant ship on Italy's coast | Photo: Press Office Coast Guard
The cover of the manual Credit: IOM
African prostitutes in Italy | Credit: Italian police
From archive: Czech police officer
Women in a refugee camp in Sudan
'No borders': Graffiti along the Balkan route (DW/D. Tosidis)
The players from Nassara AC (in orange) shake hands with their opponents, from Nigelek. (Photo: Mehdi Chebil)