illegal migration

officials shaking hands after an agreement was signed to create a joint investigative unit. Photo: Spanish interior ministry press office
From archive: Greek police inspect tents at a makeshift refugee camps at Greek-Macedonian border near Idomeni
Migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria have set up camp in a park in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Credit EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
Panel at the Africa experts' conference in Berlin (DW/J.Chase)
A boat full of migrants arriving in the harbor of Naples, Italy. Credit: ANSA
Tunisian migrants protest in Lampedusa Credit:ANSA
Investigators inspect a truck that was carrying 51 migrants illegally
Alberto Matos and three migrants from Africa
Two migrants try to get warm from an open fire as they take refuge in an abandoned warehouse near the border with Croatia in Adasevac, Serbia. Credit: EPA/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC
Woman in a detention center in Libya. Photo: ANSA/Zuhair Abusrewil
Pakistanis comprised the third-largest group of refugees arriving in Europe in the first month of 2018
Members of the Parliament applaud newly elected President Sergio Mattarella at the end of his speech in Rome