illegal migration

Two migrants try to get warm from an open fire as they take refuge in an abandoned warehouse near the border with Croatia in Adasevac, Serbia. Credit: EPA/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC
Woman in a detention center in Libya. Photo: ANSA/Zuhair Abusrewil
Pakistanis comprised the third-largest group of refugees arriving in Europe in the first month of 2018
Members of the Parliament applaud newly elected President Sergio Mattarella at the end of his speech in Rome
Illegal journeys and broken families – an insight into illegal migration from Pakistan
The mobile MEDU clinic near the tent camp in the Gioia Tauro Plain. Credit: MEDU
African immigrants demonstrate in Tel Aviv
Rehana Bibi was accused of selling drugs and prostitution
Zeeshan Ali from Pakistan tried to migrate to Europe illegally | Credit: Aasim Saleem
Research shows that on average, illegal migrants spend 8,000 US dollars for their journeys
A total of 20 migrants were found murdered in the Baluchistan province in recent weeks
Illegal migrants are particularly vulnerable for exploitation