The Hungarian Parliament
Migrants and asylum seekers from Eritrea make up a large portion of jobseekers in some parts of Germany
A boat full of migrants arriving in the harbor of Naples, Italy. Credit: ANSA
Group of African migrant protesting against the "illegitimate practices" with regards to stay permits for refugees in Bologna. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA
European Court of Justice in Luxembourg
A group of refugees standing outside their tents at the camp of Ritsona, north of Athens, Greece. Photo/Archive/EPA
Refugees who have to go to court or decide to file an appeal can seek advice at a Refugee Law Clinic beforehand
A German and an anonymous passport
Europe has been grappling with rising anti-Semitism
The Brook House Immigration Detention Centre is one of the most notorious detention centers in the UK.
If you agree to sign to false information, you are held equally legally responsible
Memorial for the murdered medical student, Maria, in Freiburg