matteo salvini

Abdelfeteh Mohamed, author and cultural mediator who migrated from Eritrea, via Libya to Italy. | Photo: Emma Wallis
Demonstrators march in Rome to protest Italy's new anti-migrant laws, December 2018 | Photo: Picture-alliance
A migrant woman in Crotone, Calabria (southern Italy). Photo: ANSA file picture
A scene of the clearance of the former penicillin factory on Via Tiburtina in Rome | Photo: ANSA / Peri Percossi
Migrants pushed back by French gendarme at the border into Italy in Claviere, Turin. (Photo: Archive/ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco)
A demonstration against the Italian government's policy towards migration in Catania on November 19 2018 just before the 'Salvini Decree' became law. | Photo: Emma Wallis
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini | Credit: ANSA
Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti | Photo: ANSA
A female immigrant in the cold in Crotone | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during the voting on the security decree. (Photo: ANSA/Giuseppe Lami)
The arrival in Pozzallo of a boat with about 200 migrants aboard, rescued by a fishing boat that towed it to the port in the province of Ragusa. ANSA/FRANCESCO RUTA
Crew members of the search and rescue vessel 'Aquarius' of NGO 'SOS Mediterranee'. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/GUILLAUME HORCAJUELO