mediterranean sea

Photo: the Diciotti vessel with 67 migrants on board arrives at the port of Trapani on July 13. ANSA / IGOR PETYX
Migrants leaving the Vos Prudence ship from Doctors without Borders
For those trying to cross the Mediterranean the chance of dying  is now much greater
Migrants in Tripoli, Libya
Migrants aboard a rubber dinghy off the Libyan coast wave to rescuers aboard the Open Arms aid boat, of Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms. Credit: AP/ANSA
The Lifeline NGO rescue vessel stranded in the Mediterranean with more than 200 migrants on board enters the grand harbor in Valletta, Malta.PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/DOMENICAQUILINA
Libyan coast guard vessel
A woman wipes away tears as she and dozens of other migrants are rescued by the Open Arms, a ship operated by a Spanish NGO
Aquarius rescue vessel Photo: Archive/EPA/Kai Foersterling
The Alexander Maersk docks in the port of Pozzallo. Credit: ANSA
Rescued migrants on board a Sea-Eye boat (picture-alliance/dep/
Migrants on a boat during a rescue operation conducted by the Italian coastguard in the Mediterranean Sea. Photo: Italian Coastguard