migrant arrivals

Immigrant women and children are assisted by medical staff and law enforcement officers after disembarking from an Italian Coast Guard ship in the port of Pozzallo (Sicily), southern Italy, 15 July 2018. Credit: ANSA/ FRANCESCO RUTA
A group of migrants sitting at a table in the San Carlos Borromeo parish in Madrid
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini | Credit: REUTERS/Tony Gentile
Migrants from Syria walking along the highway between Serbian Macedonian border directed in Bulgaria.  PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA/DJORDJE SAVIC
The Alexander Maersk docks in the port of Pozzallo. Credit: ANSA
Credit: IOM
A Civil Guard watches as some of the 206 rescued migrants arrive at the port in Tarifa, southern Spain, 21 May 2018. Three small boats with 206 people on board where intercepted at sea as they were trying to reach Spanish coasts. Credit: Epa
Migrants wait to disembark in Sicily
Syrian refugees crossing the Evros River from Greece to Turkey
A mother and child disembark from the Spanish navy ship 'Numancia' in the port of Palermo, Sicily Photo: ANSA
In the picture, the conference held by the Sovereign Order of Malta. Photo credit: Maurizio Brambatti/ANSA
a member of the Romanian Interior Ministry (MAI) troops checks a tent camp prepared for migrants |  Photo/Archive/EPA/SEBASTIAN TATARU