migrant camps

Authorities in Greece's second-largest city Thessaloniki are overwhelmed by the recent surge in irregular migration
The video shows a group of Nigerian migrants fearing for their lives | Credit:  France Medias Monde
Migrants in a makeshift camp that is set outside the refugee camp of Moria, Lesvos island, Greece.PHOTO/EPA/PANAGIOTIS BALASKAS
Migrants continue to arrive on the Greek Isles | Credit: Picture Alliance
Migrants in Calais have adapted to a life on the run / Credit: Mehdi Chebil
AFP file photo | French officials say most migrants at the Grande-Synthe camp are Iraqi Kurds.
"In a way, we and the refugees are the same situation. We belong neither east nor west."
A migrant rescued at sea and disembarked in the port of Pozzallo, Sicily. Credit: Oxfam
Migrants waiting for registration in Tarifa, Spain | Credit: Marcos Moreno/AFP
Children look at the photographer as Pope Francis delivers a speech at the Moria refugee camp near the port of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, Greece, April 16, 2016. EPA/FILIPPO MONTEFORTE /POOL
Prime Minister of Libya Fayez al-Sarraj at a meeting at EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium, 02 February 2017. EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ
There’s a gaping hole in the floor next to where these men sleep. (Photo: InfoMigrants)