migrant camps

A refugee camp on the Greek island of Chios | Photo: Jannis Papadimitriou
This is the 'camp outside the camp' on the Greek island of Samos. | Photo: Jannis Papadimitriou
Abdoulaye Keita used to play top flight football, now he sits in a bed, unable to move his legs.
One of the migrant camps in Calais in January, 2018 | Photo: Mehdi Chebil
More than 20,000 migrants have arrived in Bosnia since the beginning of the year
Migrants attempting to cross into Croatia holding banners | Credit: PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA-EFE/FEHIM DEMIR
Italy's deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini calls for the EU to stop treating Italy like a refugee camp
Refugees from Afghanistan on Lesbos island, North Aegean Sea, Greece. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/EPA
Yazidis continue to fear for their lives even in migrant camps in the EU | Credit: DW/J. Neurink
A makeshift migrant camp in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Credit: EPA/FEHIMDEMIR
Bosnian police officers preventing migrants to cross the border in Izacici near Bihac, on Bosnia's border with Croatia. Credit: ANSA/AP/AMEL EMRIC
The photo shows a police van in front of a repatriation center in Northern Italy. PHOTO/ARCHIVE/ANSA