migrant reception

Migrants saved by the Maltese Migrant Offshore Aid Station | Credit: Reuters
Gerald Knaus wants to ease the asylum process across Europe
20-year old Shiraz Bhatti hopes  towork in the IT sector in Europe  Photo credit: Shiraz Bhatti
Migrants rescued at sea arrive at the port of Malaga in Southern Spain - credit: EPA/Carlos Diaz
Silhouette of migrants aboard rescue ship
This picture shows some of the 238 Sub-Saharan migrants rescued in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, while trying to reach the Spanish coast on board 20 small boats, arriving at the port in Cadiz, Andalusia, southern Spain on July 24. Photo/EPA/Carrasco Ragel
Migrants gathering in an abandoned warehouse near the border with Croatia in Adasevac, Serbia Photo: EPA/Koca Sulejmanovic
Interior Minister Matteo Salvini Matteo Salvini "welcomed" at the hotspot by people chanting 'Matteo, Matteo', on June 3, 2018. ANSA
A member of the Spanish Red Cross at the port of Tarifa (southern Spain) carries a baby, one of 245 migrants that were rescued at sea, 13 July 2018. Spanish Maritime Rescue services rescued a total of 245 people who were trying to reach Spain traveling on ten small boats. EPA/A.CARRASCO RAGEL
The cover of the report. Credit: Associazione Cittadini del Mondo
A group of migrants sitting at a table in the San Carlos Borromeo parish in Madrid
Crew members of the Irish Naval Service as they rescue migrants in the Mediterranean 36 Nautical Miles North East of Tripoli, Libya, on 21 October 2016/. EPA/IRISH DEFENCE FORCES / HANDOUT COPYRIGHT IRISH DEFENCE FORCES