Pedestrians in Berlin-Wedding
Picture shows police officers in the place where a young migrant from Guinea was beaten to death by a herd of at least five boys in Sassari. PHOTO/ANSA/GIAN MARIO SIAS
Archive image of a migrant demonstration in Tunisia. Credit: FTDES
Anti-islam protestor signs
Protestors at an anti-racism rally in Naples
Credit: Ue Agency Fra
Migrants protest on Parliament Square in central London, Britain, 17 February 2018. Migrants from all walks of life joined together for the One Day Without Us campaign. Photo: EPA/ANDY RAIN
FDP leader, Christian Lindner
The banner says "Idy Diene, man of peace, the city hugs you" | Credit: ANSA
German food bank, Essener Tafel | Credit: Deutsche Welle
Demonstrators during an anti-racism rally in Macerata, 10 February 2018, after an Italian, Luca Traini, shot several African migrants on the streets of this Central Italian town. Credit: ANSA/FABIO FALCIONI