refugees in europe

Denmark has applied a series of changes to its asylum law in recent years | Credit: picture-alliance/blickwinkel/S. Zinco
Eritrean migrants in Switzerland protest against deportations | Credit: Jack Guez/AFP
Kumut Imesh is standing in front of a big sign that reads in French: Attention! Voyager sans piece d'identite ou visa vous rend vulnérable | Photo: David Fedele
Ahmed H. sits in Hungarian court in October 2017
The EU wants to streamline migration issues across the bloc - including deportations | Credit: picture alliance
The EU hopes to consolidate its asylum procedures with the help of EASO | Credit: Picture Alliance/AP Photo/M. Schreiber
A refugee playing the public piano in Bregenz, Austria Photo credit: Open Piano for Refugees
Picture shows traffic at the San Ludovico bridge, at the Italian-French border
A group of migrants sitting at a table in the San Carlos Borromeo parish in Madrid
Apps don't help people, people do?
Migrants could have their cases assessed in North Africa under the latest proposal
InfoMigrants looks back at major events of the refugee crisis in Europe.